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Kobata, Gerald


Almustafa, Lyn
Testing Coordinator/HSA Biology
Davis, Hector
Plant Manager
Hairston, Yavonka
Title One Coordinator
Roberson, Candyce
Administrative Assistant
Savage, Scott
School Psychologist


Calhoun, Akilah
Assistant Principal
Jackson, Earlondra
Assistant Principal
Mayeda, Ann
Assistant Principal
Wahlmeier, Greg
Assistant Principal


Howard, Tushana
Johnson McAdoo, Daphne
College Counselor
Magee, Eric
Counselor-9th Grade House
Orozco, Luis
Ryan-Storey, Carrie
Magnet Counselor
Staneff, Elisa
Tran, Joy


Teacher Directory

Ahlawat, Deepshikha Teacher
Aldridge, Keesha Teacher
Almustafa, Lyn (310) 257-7100 ex.310-483-6062 (text) Testing Coordinator/HSA Biology
Arevalos, Jennifer Teacher
Arias, Zulma (310) 257-7100 Teacher
Arreola, Carlos Teacher
Balala, Kimberly Librarian
Baltazar, Eric Teacher
Be, Kelly Teacher
Berman, Kyla Athletic Director/Teacher
Bermudez, Elaine Teacher
Botiller, Zrinka Teacher
Bowie, Theron Teacher
Brown, Kalema Teacher
Caceres, Reynaldo Teacher
Campos, David Teacher
Cano, Maylyn Teacher
Carter, James Teacher
Charest, Howard Teacher
Chavez, Amanda Teacher
Choi, James (310) 257-7100 Teacher
Coe, Todd Teacher
Cotton-Macon, Litisha Teacher
Cox, Kathleen Teacher
Craciun, Diana Teacher
Crist, Brandon Teacher
Dillon, William Teacher
Douglas, Manuel Teacher
Dunn, Gary Teacher
Espinoza, Oscar Teacher
Fassler, Shelley Teacher
Fink, Thomas Teacher
Fortune, Michelle Teacher
Franco, Luis Teacher
Ganem, Kimberly Teacher
Gardner, Alexander Teacher
Goldberg, Jeff Teacher
Gungob, Avelita Teacher
Hecht Ramos, Lisa Teacher
Hines, Nakia Teacher
Hoffer, Adam Teacher
Hoffman, Erika Teacher
Ingerson, Nancy Teacher
Isakson, Felisia Teacher
James, Sharon Teacher
Jimenez, Gabriel Teacher
Jones, Ti Teacher
Lara-Sanchez, Alma Teacher
Levin, Carol Teacher
Mantz, Karen Teacher
Markson, Suzan Teacher
Matsumoto, Roger Teacher
Meachem, Kristi Teacher
Menard, Jeff Teacher
Monroy, Wendy Teacher
Moore, Stuart Teacher
Morris, Jennifer Teacher
Nepomuceno, Juanito Teacher
Nguyen, Terrie-Trinh Teacher
Nicholson, Milton Teacher
Nielson, Erik Teacher
Overbey, Victoria Teacher
Pan, Erica Teacher
Pantoja, Marco Teacher
Pascua, Arlene Teacher
Paskowitz, Adam Teacher
Peoples, Sharon Teacher
Perry, Tina Teacher
Pivaro, Nicole Teacher
Pool, Anna Teacher
Rasheed, Aneesah Teacher
Renfro, Eric Teacher
Rensing, R. Magnet Science Teacher/Chemistry
Reyes, Adam Teacher
Rhea, Renna Teacher
Rivera, David Teacher
Rodriguez, Cynthia Teacher
Saavedra, Dana Teacher
Saunders, Libert Teacher
Seng, Muyeng Teacher
Serrato, Alejandro Teacher
Shaw-Loose, Carol Teacher
Silva, Maria Teacher
Smith, James Teacher
Street, Dominque Teacher
Tamayo, Ana Teacher
Tay, Zak (310) 257-7100 Teacher
Terrell, LaTresha Teacher
Twine, Corwin Teacher
Twine, Lilia Teacher
Ugwu, Fidelia Teacher
Villanueva, Joey Teacher
Waller, Steven Teacher
Wells-Davis, June Teacher
Williams, Gregory Teacher
Yu, Cecilia Teacher
Zitkovich, Ms. Teacher